Jill and KathOK so Lello and Monkey eh? Whats that?

We’re a small company creating and selling treasure hunt games for kids parties. Well that’s how it started…we’ve now created loads of themed party games and craft activities too. Then we decided we might as well go the whole hog and provide everything you need to have a fantastic birthday party at home from tableware and decorations, to party bags and costumes.

We’re just 2 mums and friends from high school and it all started when we found out that our children were due within a week of each other. I was a first time mum and Jill already had a little boy, then 3, so I was counting on Jill to share her experience! Whilst on maternity leave we were having a cup of tea and a dunky biscuit (as you do) and Jill mentioned a wonderful idea she’d had whilst organising her sons birthday party. She’d created a wonderful pirate treasure hunt and being creative had really gone to town making it special. She wanted to be able to share her idea to help parents do the same thing, even if they weren’t so artistically talented.

I knew it was a great idea and immediately I was in! With a lot of hard work and just a little capital we managed to start a business…in between changing nappies and getting a bit of sleep!

Our treasure hunts games are sold across the world now and its so rewarding to get great feedback from customers who have hosted a party and found it so easy. We’ve done loads of home birthday parties now and have a wealth of ideas that we just wanted to share, hence the blog. We’ll keep posting…

Kath x

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