Moshi Monster Katsuma birthday cake!

OK, I’m feeling pretty proud of myself this year. After last years Hello Kitty cake I decided I would finally take the next step into making a shaped cake rather than just decorate a square one with icing. I was not sure I could pull it off but to amazement I did! Go me 🙂

Moshi Monster Katsuma Birthday Cake

Moshi Monster Katsuma Birthday Cake. Done.

A good friend of mine – who really should be on the Great British Bakeoff gave me a recipe for a red velvet cake – which to be honest I’d never heard of.

But since all the cakes I’ve ever tasted from her have been without doubt the scrummiest I’ve ever had – how could I go wrong?

Well I did a bit. I kind of started baking without having all the ingredients…who hasn’t got a tub of cocoa powder right at the back of the cupboard? (well me it turns out). So red velvet chocolate cake turned into white velvet but happily that was way more than OK in the taste department!

The Katsuma birthday cake recipe

Anyhow, here is the altered recipe for what I term ‘white velvet’ cake:
60g unsalted butter
150g golden caster sugar
170g plain flour
1 egg
120ml buttermilk
1 and a half tsp white wine vinegar
Half tsp bicarbonate of soda
Half tsp vanilla extract

If you want to make the chocolate ‘red velvet’ version substitute 20g of flour for cocoa powder and add a dollop of red food colouring paste.

Unfortunately the cake mixture itself tastes pretty rubbish so no licking out the bowl I’m afraid!

Bung it in the oven at 200 degrees til its cooked. Test by sticking a skewer in the middle and when it comes out clean its done. To be honest I have no idea how long I actually cooked it for.

Putting Katsuma together

Moshi Monster Katsuma Birthday Cake

Use butter icing all over

So, get yourself a picture of Katsuma from the internet, I just googled Katsuma and looked at images to chose the one I liked the best.

I then drew it onto paper – making sure it fit the cake board I had – then cut it out, separating the ears from the face. I baked two cakes, a rectangle for one and the other for the ears in a loaf tin.

Let the cakes cool right down before cutting to shape. I used a medium length, serrated knife to cut them (I seemed to make less mess with crumbs that way).

Arrange on the cake board and cover in butter icing.


Moshi Monster Katsuma Birthday Cake

Lay orange fondant icing over the face

Then roll out a 250g block of orange fondant icing to about 4mm thick (make sure you have it big enough to lay over the entire face). Push it onto the cake gently using your hands and trim the edge with a sharp knife.

Moshi Monster Katsuma Birthday Cake

Lay icing over one ear

Next do the same for the ears, its a bit trickier going round them though.

Moshi Monster Katsuma Birthday Cake

Making the nose and mouth

Use some of the icing offcuts to make the nose and mouth and used a black icing pen for the detail.

Moshi Monster Katsuma Birthday Cake

Use the paint on the ears

Moshi Monster Katsuma Birthday Cake

Use powder colour with a bit of alcohol to paint with

I also used some offcuts for Katsuma’s stripes and then painted them with a darker orange. I used blood orange colouring powder, using a tiny splash of vodka to make it into a liquid. Water won’t work.

I then painted them with a normal paint brush. You don’t need to use the offcuts aswell but I felt it gave more definition to the stripes.

Moshi Monster Katsuma Birthday Cake

Use white fondant for the eyes

I used white fondant icing and a blue food colouring gel pen for the eyes.

Katsuma Birthday Cake

The lovely Sophie – aged 6

And that’s it, enjoy the smiles of your adoring fans…

For the decoration you will need:

  • Butter icing
  • 1 black icing pen
  • 1 blue food colouring gel pen
  • 500g block of orange fondant icing
  • Small block of white fondant icing
  • Blood orange food colouring powder

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