Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

So it’s was my little ones birthday this week and she asked for a Hello Kitty cake, now I know I could have just bought one but I thought I’d give it a go myself, probably easier than the Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom or Woody from Toy Story that she wanted last year!

While I was making it I thought I’d take some photos so I could write a step by step of what I did, for those other mums out there who might not be great cake decorators but who are willing to give something a go….

OK so make your cake, I doubled the Be-Ro Victoria sandwich recipe to fill a rectangular 20 x 22cm cake tin:
•    8oz Butter – beat with sugar
•    8oz Sugar
•    8oz Flour – add with eggs
•    4 eggs – mix

And bingo, pop in oven at 180 degrees for 20 mins. I then iced it with butter icing (mix 4oz butter with 8oz icing sugar and a splash of vanilla essence).

Now for the Hello Kitty face…

Get an image of Hello Kitty from the internet, insert the image into a Word doc and increase the size of the picture so the face will fit your cake tin. Alternatively it’s fairly easy to draw a Hello Kitty face yourself, which is what I did by looking at my daughters Hello Kitty soft toy. Print or draw the picture and cut it out. Do the same for her bow.

Hello Kitty Cake DecoratingHello Kitty Cake DecoratingHello Kitty Cake Decorating

Hello Kitty Cake DecoratingHello Kitty Cake Decorating

Hello Kitty Cake Decorating

Age 5 – Hello Kitty Cake

Toy Story Cake Decorating

Age 4 – Toy Story Cake

Ben and Holly Cake Decorating

Age 3 – Ben & Holly’s Magic Kingdom Cake

Peppa Pig Cake Decorating

Age 2 – Peppa Pig Cake

Roll out some ready to roll white icing to about 5mm thick. Place the templates on the icing and cut out. Easy – now you have the face and her bow.

You’ll need some coloured icing pens next. Carefully use the icing pens to draw her nose (yellow), eyes and whiskers (black). For her bow you’ll need some red food colour gel (the gel gives a much brighter red colour than painting with food colouring). I used a new eye makeup applicator to paint with (or use a new small soft paintbrush) then I outlined with a black icing pen.

Tip: I found that the black icing on her whiskers that went onto the butter icing bled into the icing a bit when left overnight so maybe do this bit last minute if you can.

I didn’t have time to pipe some butter icing around the edge of the cake but that would have looked nice to finish it off. Still everyone enjoyed it!

Here’s some pics of my efforts over the years. I did them all the same way by using a picture to create a template and then use ready to roll icing and some food colouring to ‘paint’ and icing pens to create the detail.

Don’t even ask about her 1st birthday cake it was a disaster 🙂

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2 Responses to Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

  1. Lovely to have pictures of them all (almost all lol). Well done you. There are loads of internet videos showing you how to decorate cakes so I reckon any mum or dad can have a good go.
    Lovely Hello Kitty one.

  2. Sarah says:

    Very impressive! I’m in awe of anyone who makes cakes. I’m afraid I’m strictly a Tesco kind of mum. I made all their 1st birthday cakes, but everyone agreed it was in the best interests of the family if I didn’t do any more! 😦 Found you on Mummy’s Little Monkey.

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